Hey everyone,
I haven’t abandoned this blog! I’m just struggling with a few things at the moment…not sure when I’ll be back but just check every now and then for any updates. If you wanna chat, send me a message on my personal blog - link is on the FAQ page :) come say hello, I’d really appreciate it! Xx

- H.

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Anonymous said: So, I'm 14. My problem? I hate it. Lately, I've been wishing I was older, age 19/18 to be exact. Why? I hate following my parents dumb rules, I wanna be free. Live the way I want. pfft, I can barely use my own cell phone, and this bothers me. cause most kids my age can do stuff I cant! and im soooo sick of it. I wanna be older soo bad. I'd do anything. :(

Hey darling :)

I know these rules may seem ‘dumb’ and silly some of the time, if not most, but they’re most likely there to protect you. Parents don’t just lay out a set of rules to take away all of the fun in our lives. Think about it, if you were a parent, wouldn’t you want your child to enjoy life? but then again you wouldn’t want them getting hurt by anything so you give them rules to follow…and enjoy being young! I’m around the age you want to be and trust me, I’d give anything to be your age again…maybe even younger…we’re only young once and time flies. Later on in life you might look back and wish to be 14 again! 

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Hey everyone, 
Just a quick update…I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t been able to answer questions. Some questions I cannot answer because they’re probably out-dated and any advice I give on it may not be helpful…but later on, when the ask/submit has been opened again, feel free to send in your question again if you need it answered…I’ll try to get some answered now :)

thanks :) xx 

Anonymous said: I've been going through some rough times with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. We recently got into a huge fight & since then, he continuous to hold it against me & admits he wants to use that to get over me but then tells me he still loves me & wouldn't want to see me go. We talk about this all the time. His indecisiveness is just killing me. What do you think i should do for myself? Should i move on or wait? Although i would still love to be with him.

Wait, so he tells you that he wants to get over you but then again wants to be with you? 
It’s ultimately up to you on what you want to do but maybe you just really need to talk to him and ask him what he really wants. because it’s not fair for you, sometimes it’s okay (more than okay) to put your feelings first so you don’t get hurt as much. 
Perhaps even taking a break would be helpful so you can have time and space to think for yourselves. But like I said, it’s ultimately up to you on what you decide :) 

Anonymous said: I have been having anxiety symptoms for almost a year now and I still havent told anyone, because I'm too scared. How should I tell my mother?

Hey darling :)

Maybe you can tell her when you’re with her next time! you could even do it when you’re alone with her if that makes you more comfortable. Tell her how you feel in certain situations and just be really honest with her. Try to tell her as soon as possible and whenever you’re most comfortable of course so that the issue doesn’t become bigger than what it actually is at the moment.Things will get better :)

life-advice101 said: Hey! I know this might be a long shot but I found your blog after making mine and I love it! We have a similar blog as you & it's new so I would love if you could maybe post this? Thank you so much :) xo

Another advice blog! :) 

Anonymous said: A guy I was speaking to on tinder kept asking for pictures but I kept saying no and he just keeps calling me a number one bore and the most boring person Hes spoken to. Is he being out of order or should I send him a picture? Please be honest, I won't mind :)

Hey :)

No, If you’re not comfortable with sending a picture of yourself to somebody, don’t do it. He should respect that. 


By your side - Tenth Avenue North

So, I recently discovered this song. I think it’s been out for a little while now but the lyrics are amazing. 

Whether you’re struggling at the moment or everything is going well in life, I hope that this song reminds you of, or introduces love you to the unconditional love of God. Feel free to listen!

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