Hi everybody :)

I’m going to open up the ask box again! finally! but I’m starting to get a little busier with things - uni and other activities - that I probably won’t be able to answer everybody’s questions, although I will try my best. 

I won’t be opening up the submission box until further notice, apologies if this is inconvenient for some people but just for the sake of trying to answer peoples question in time (longer submissions tend to take longer to reply to as they take more time to read! - obvious reason!) 

Thanks! feel free just to say hi even! :)


Hey guys,
I’m sorry it’s been so long since a question was answered. I’m trying to adjust to uni life for the second time (feeling more confident about it this time around!) and hopefully I’ll be able to answer some questions soon. I just have to find a time when it would be best to answer questions. I hope you all understand! Come say hi to me on my personal blog, would love to hear from you.
- Helene :)


Setting goals :)


Setting goals :)

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Hey guys, sorry if I haven’t gotten back to your ask yet; I’ve get exams coming up so I’ve been cramming hard! I’ll try to get them all answered within the next couple of weeks.
Love xx

Anonymous said: did u guys get my question about wanting to talk to someone after a while? it was a 'submit' and it had the word "missing someone" in it I think. thanks

I’ve had a look and we don’t have it! sorry, you can try sending it again :)

- H

Anonymous said: I don't know how to improve my writing, i can never find the right words for things and i have trouble writing detail.... maybe i should just give up?


You can’t improve if you give up! every professional was once a beginner. I’ve heard that if you read a lot of books, you pick up on the way things are written and that’ll help to improve the way you communicate things. Don’t give up! it takes time and practice and you might get knocked back every now and again but get back up and you’ll get there :) the best of luck :) 

- H


I was reading the bible and found this incredible verse, thought I’d share it with all of you:

"If God hadn’t been there for me, I never would have made it.
The minute I said “I’m slipping, I’m falling,” your love, God, took hold & held me fast.
When I was upset & beside myself, you calmed me down & cheered me up”
- psalm 94:17-19 (MSG)

- H.

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend hasn't been messaging me back or replying to anything I have in contact with him for about two weeks now. He didn't tell me anything about being away, and he usually does! I'm so worried and sad about the whole thing. How am I supposed to "work things out" when he won't even give me a chance to speak with him! I can't just march right up to him because we are so far apart from each other. I'm so confused and frustrated, what should I do? Help please. :(

Hi darling,

I have had something similar happen to me so I definitely suggest you keep trying to get in contact with him so you can sort it out. In my situation, my ex never replyed or picked up my calls so I just texted him and ended it. It’s a really sucky situation, but you deserve better!


Anonymous said: i have such trouble with guys. the only time i've ever really bonded with a guy is in a class. we always have a lot of laughs and share stories/secrets.. but none of them have taken it further than that, not even outside of school. and i just feel stupid and hopeless for even trying to take it farther.. WHEN i try.. like im going out of boundaries. which seems so unfair.. i think they all just think of me as THAT funny black girl but never take into consideration someone they would date :/

Hey there,

I think it’s important that you don’t get disheartened about the boys in school - generally they’re too immature to see awesome girls such as yourself as anything more than a friend. However! If you really want to build relationships with guys outside of school maybe you should invite a group of friends out for a movie or something (with boys + girls) so that you can start hanging out with more guys in a group situation rather than one-on-one :)

x - M

Anonymous said: so i had this friend and we were pretty close and one day we kinda decided to be FWB. it was weird it was my first time doing anything and i couldn't get wet (he was barely even trying) and had to force myself to give him head even though it felt soo wrong but i couldn't just walk out. i think that's all he wanted &then to leave, but i wanted something out of it too.. and now we don't even talk which is sad and i miss our friendship but it's all awkward now

Hey there,

I think it’s always difficult transitioning between friends and FWB - and then back into friends. I think you should try and have a chat to him and sort out where you both stand. 


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