Anonymous said: I don't really understand the world of shipping. I understand that thinking two people would be great together and everything, just not the actually believing they /are/ together thing, when most of the time they're actually not? i mean whats that all about? if they're not together, why you pretend that they are? that part honestly confuses me

Some things can be a little confusing to us at times, yes. But that’s just something people enjoy doing! They might write fanfiction about the couple, make artwork, etc. but I guess it could just be another hobby maybe??

Anonymous said: Hi! I really need help honestly.. I think my mother is emotionally abusing me and she's really chipping away at the last bit of self-worth I have. What are the signs of an emotionally abusive mother and what should I do about it because I don't have an adult who can actually help me with it and I'm a minor.

Hey darling, quick question before I go onto answering this further, what country are you from? Because if you’re from Australia by any chance, online chat rooms are available for teens/young adults who are going through a tough time. It’s anonymous and confidential and you’ll be speaking to an actual qualified counsellor which may help you in this situation, I’m just not too sure if there are chat services available in other countries too….

If you’re not in Australia, have a look if there are services like that available to you (or I might make a post about other chat rooms for different countries sometime, not making any promises though!). If you’re still in school, perhaps a the counsellor there might be able to help? Don’t be afraid to reach out. Here is a link that describes the signs of emotional abuse.

Anonymous said: Hey there! I'm a teenage girl and I want to take up boxing. Not for beating people up or anything but for self defense and because it seems interesting. But I'm afraid that if I do it people will be scared of me or think it's weird that I'm a boxer? Please help. I've always cared a lot about what others think so this means a lot :/ xx

Hello :)

It ultimately is your choice and I would recommend going for it.

People are always going to have opinions about what you do - it may be negative ones or it may be positive but whatever they are, it’s your life and you should let other peoples opinions about what you do run your life because it’s your life! Not theirs! your achievements and not theirs :) do what makes you happy and don’t slow down because some people may not agree because when you do, you’re not going to be satisfied with your life in the long run. Hope this helps :) I wish you the absolute best and nothing less than that! Xoxo


Hi everybody :)

I’m going to open up the ask box again! finally! but I’m starting to get a little busier with things - uni and other activities - that I probably won’t be able to answer everybody’s questions, although I will try my best. 

I won’t be opening up the submission box until further notice, apologies if this is inconvenient for some people but just for the sake of trying to answer peoples question in time (longer submissions tend to take longer to reply to as they take more time to read! - obvious reason!) 

Thanks! feel free just to say hi even! :)


Hey guys,
I’m sorry it’s been so long since a question was answered. I’m trying to adjust to uni life for the second time (feeling more confident about it this time around!) and hopefully I’ll be able to answer some questions soon. I just have to find a time when it would be best to answer questions. I hope you all understand! Come say hi to me on my personal blog, would love to hear from you.
- Helene :)


Setting goals :)


Setting goals :)

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Hey guys, sorry if I haven’t gotten back to your ask yet; I’ve get exams coming up so I’ve been cramming hard! I’ll try to get them all answered within the next couple of weeks.
Love xx

Anonymous said: did u guys get my question about wanting to talk to someone after a while? it was a 'submit' and it had the word "missing someone" in it I think. thanks

I’ve had a look and we don’t have it! sorry, you can try sending it again :)

- H

Anonymous said: I don't know how to improve my writing, i can never find the right words for things and i have trouble writing detail.... maybe i should just give up?


You can’t improve if you give up! every professional was once a beginner. I’ve heard that if you read a lot of books, you pick up on the way things are written and that’ll help to improve the way you communicate things. Don’t give up! it takes time and practice and you might get knocked back every now and again but get back up and you’ll get there :) the best of luck :) 

- H


I was reading the bible and found this incredible verse, thought I’d share it with all of you:

"If God hadn’t been there for me, I never would have made it.
The minute I said “I’m slipping, I’m falling,” your love, God, took hold & held me fast.
When I was upset & beside myself, you calmed me down & cheered me up”
- psalm 94:17-19 (MSG)

- H.

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